Body Positivity, Intuitive eating, and the Non-Diet Approach

27th February 2022 | Author: Bianca Skilbeck

body positivity

Working as an anti-diet, Health At Every Size (HAES®) aligned therapist, I can confidently say that I know a thing or two about what it takes to embrace body positivity, self-acceptance, and a more intuitive and peaceful way of relating to food and body image.

A lot of what I know comes from engaging with the plethora of educational opportunities, supervision, literature, and other opportunities out there. However, I'd argue that in some ways, even more crucial to my education has been the understanding I have gained from doing the hard yards myself in my own healing.

We could easily fill many books (or a whole library!) with what there is to learn about this work that is deeply personal, yet also inextricably tied to social, historical, political, and even economic forces. However, what I can say without needing to go into all that heavy stuff is that possibly my number one insight into actual healing is this: 


You're probably not going to do this alone


As a therapist who sees individuals for issues all along the spectrum of eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image, I am naturally going to advocate for the power of indivudal therapy.

Finding and engaging with the right therapist for you can be a wonderful gift to yourself, as it can help you to examine your beliefs, explore new ideas, create new stories for yourself, and ultimately create a new relationship with yourself. One of my favourite analogies is that a good therapist works as a mirror; a mirror which allows you to see yourself and your world more clearly, and understand your options. 

With all of that being said, I am going to go out on a limb here and say....


Individual Therapy is NOT everything


It's a great start (middle and end also!), yet, ultimately, individual therapy is just one tool that you can use to start to challenge and change the ecology of your whole life. This includes your social world, and yes, in our digital world, the images, ideas, and content that you choose to allow into your sphere of awareness. 

One of the most powerful things that I did when I first began my journey in rejecting diet culture and embracing intutive eating, was to unfollow, stop reading, and stop engaging with diet culture content; basically anything and everything that claimed "the answer" to weight loss. I then started finding new content to fill my digitial and learning life. 

This, therefore, is an ever-growing, evolving, and constantly being added to list of resources, of what I have found helpful which you can use to fill up and nourish your soul from the inside out. Remember; we are all connected. We are all here for one another, and to learn from one another.

I hope that you can get as much as I have out of some of these resources as I have, on your path to more self-acceptance and inner peace. 






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For Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery

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For Fat Acceptance / Body Positivity

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For Debunking Food and Medical Myths

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For Healing Your Relationship with Movement/Exercise

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Podcasts to Listen to


Food Psych, by Christy Harrison

All Fired Up, by Louise Adams

Maintenance Phase, by Aubrey Gordon & Michael Hobbs

The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast, by Tabitha Farra

Willing to be Wrong, by Joshua Wolrich

Body Image by Bri, by Bri Campos


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