Eating Disorder Basics for Complementary Health Providers - DUE FOR RELEASE 28/02/21


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About This Course

This course will be hosted right here on the Freedom from Food website, where participants will be given login details and have the opportunity to complete all 8 modules in a self-paced style. There will be a mixture of written content, videos and self-reflection, and it is recommended to join the Freedom from Food Facebook group, where course content can be discussed and questions can be asked.

This course is appropriate for complementary health practitioners (eg. counsellors, hypnotherapists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncturists, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc.) who want to know more about the basics of eating disorders; how to spot them in your clients, how to think about them, and what to do next.

**Please note that this course does NOT provide education on how to treat eating disorders**

Rather, it has been written to include the basics of understanding more about eating disorders; some of the statistics, differing presentations, possible causes, what to say/not to say, what to look for, how to not trigger worsening of symptoms, etc., whilst staying within scope of practice. 


Included in the Course


Module 1

What you NEED to know about eating disorders as a health professional (EVEN if you don’t seek these clients, they WILL seek you!).

Module 2

My client is experiencing disordered eating; how will I know?

Module 3

My client is struggling with their relationship food. What should (and shouldn't) I do next?

Module 4

Motivation, readiness for change and goal setting in the context of disordered eating

Module 5

An introduction to health at every size (HAES)

Module 6

What does the science currently say about weight and weight loss?

Module 7

An introduction to intuitive eating

Module 8

In conclusion; helping our clients to live a life recovered and changing the culture


About Your Instructor



Bianca Skilbeck completed her training as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2014, at which point she went in to private practice and began her psychology degree though Monash University in Melbourne. Having a special interest in the treatment of eating disorders, Bianca has continued to upskill in this field, undertaking several courses and workshops, and engaging in specialist supervision. As a result, Bianca is now listed as provider through Australia’s national peak eating disorder organisation, The Butterfly Foundation. Soon after beginning to work with clients, Bianca became interested in intuitive eating and the Health at Every Size paradigm, and how these frameworks naturally complement and help guide eating disorder recovery. Rebranding her practice to Freedom from Food, she has refocused to specifically cater for those with disordered eating, chronic dieting, body image dissatisfaction and gut health. Bianca uses a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques including but not limited to cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, hypnosis, resource therapy and gestalt therapy. She has a special interest in working with and understanding the mind-body connection, and how the individual can work to integrate all parts of themselves to create more peace and acceptance in their lives.

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